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Have you ever had to change how you look to fit in at work?

Have you ever had to change how you look to fit in at work?

I recently came across an article written by Adina Campbell where she reveals that two thirds of women of colour change themselves in order to fit in at work!

When working in professional environments, women of colour often feel like they can’t be themselves. This lack of representation was something I felt working within the police department is one of the main reasons I left the force and delved into ED&I coaching and consulting.

Many people of colour learn how to code-switch from a young age and often don’t feel comfortable being 100% themselves within the workplace out of the fear of being portrayed as stereotypes associated with their ethinic background!

It is my firm belief that workplaces should be discrimination-free, and that policies should reflect this! The natural hairstyle of women of colour or the dialect they speak shouldn’t cause them to feel judged.

Full Article here: https://lnkd.in/ehZB_-DA

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